Saturday, January 22, 2011

The weight grows...

Musings of an aging body, growing tired and not as physically or mentally alert. What to do when most of my waking moments are spent in front of a glowing rectangle - and not with the one who keeps me- fit? One form of exercise I find myself involved in is juggling... yes work, relationships and all those predictable things. Sometimes it's okay. When I don't ignore reality, those moments of clarity bring paralysis in thought. 

I wrangled my way to go OS and attend a conference (without presenting!) because I believed it to be most valuable to anyone wanting to keep abreast of research in neuroscience (and I needed an excuse for a holiday- albeit too short!) This week another 'opportunity' arose and now I am to give an oral presentation at said conference.

The short-lived excitement now in lies in knots of frustration and dark shadows cast on my face. There is a tortuous task ahead of bringing together other people's work. Though I played my part in the research, I lack faith in my understanding (or lack) of the method of analysis.

And now there is a primate of sorts on my back, a throbbing headache and heavy shoulders which control hands that orchestrate hands to type in procrastination (and then go back to edit the draft).

I spent the better half of this day sorting through hours of footage to create one video (it better work properly!) and an amazing technicolour image. Now for the guts. Finding the words- or spinning the BS.

How appropriate...

Let's see what the next 3 hours of my Saturday night offer in terms of productivity.

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