Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do you perceive intelligence?

Is there a limit to the capacity to absorb, retain and understand information?
(What can I muster?)
Is it just a matter of putting in the necessary effort until you can understand and analyse information?  
(Am I the master?)

I'd like to believe it's a skill that can be mastered as we all learn something  (eg. geography, recall, discipline or ways of avoiding work) from going to school, training, and practicing. However, sometimes there is a  sense of restriction to the amount of information I am capable of understanding, because I can't be bothered doing all the necessary research, or, deflecting the fact that I cannot possibly understand the mechanisms.   
To make things more difficult, the belief may be plastic and perception of intelligence is reflect by mood. That is, under some conditions (confidence and support) intelligence can be attained, while other instances it  is restricted by low self-esteem, distraction and inattention. It may be logical to think like a Vulcan but sometimes you need passion and perseverance to help get you there! 

Check out Art Markman's thoughts on a 2011 study by Miele, Finn, and Molden in Psychological Science.

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  1. i'd like to believe it's the latter. what's that saying about achievements coming as a consequence of 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration? what appeals to the idealist in me is the idea that anyone, if they work hard enough, can achieve their desired goal. i do agree with you though in that sometimes external factors can restrict one's ability to do so. a bit of support and encouragement always helps. for that matter, maybe another one of your black boxes should contain the word Discipline?!