Tuesday, June 14, 2011

small works 2011 exhibit

If you happen to find yourself near BSG Art gallery in the next 3 weeks, check out the small works art exhibition. Folks are encouraged to enter any artwork in any medium as long as it's dimensions are no greater than 30x30x30cm. 

I've been keen to participate in something like this for a while but never entertained the idea seriously until my friend Dr. B decided to enter some of her wonderful shots in the picture this exhibition last year.

My contribution isn't anything special but I want to try it out and see if anything comes of it (realistically this is very unlikely). However I'll miss the opening night this Friday 17th because of work but will be keen to see all the other 1500+ entries and see where my three little paintings end up.


The best thing about this is that I've revisited some of my old work: sketches, paintings etc and realised that there's definitely some talent but it needs a lot more work and this has helped me to get out the old sketch pads and scribble more often.