Monday, January 9, 2012

What a dish!

Just saw this on DVICE and am tempted to sell a few kidneys (volunteers?) so I can make a down payment on the Jamesburg Earth Station in California was built and operated by NASA in the last century during the Apollo moon landings. It's had a sketchered past -  AT&T for satellite telecommunications, HAM radio hangout, geeksquad bachelor pad. The important thing is that according to the internet (which is always accurate and true) this is for sale for a measly $3 million!!! 

photo source: Jamesburg Earth Station 

This boast the biggest steerable satellite dish and comes with 3 bedroom house, 160 acres of land and helicopter landing pad,  an indoor basketball court and 20000 square foot operations building. What no jacuzzi??? (can probably convert the dish into a pool?)

If I could afford this place, I'd be able to rule the universe! *cough* Or more likely, invite folks over to watch intergalactic soap operas and infomercials...

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  1. 3 million does seem very cheap for all that stuff ... for that matter, how do you steer a satellite dish? just imagine how many daytime soap opera reruns you could pick up with that. i wonder how you'd tee up an inspection?