Monday, October 17, 2011

persuasion of the periphery

If you're out and about in Brunswick in the next 2 weeks, check out the Sydney Road 'Window Frames' exhibition organised by the SRBA.  There are many impressive and eye-catching pieces in the storefronts between Brunswick Road and Albert Street.

I'm anxious and excited as this will be my first time exhibiting something. I called it 'persuasion of the periphery' and it can be seen at Cocoa Nation, 365 Sydney Road Brunswick. It's a tough gig trying to compete for attention next to all those good looking chocolates but it's a sweet spot to stop and savour some chocolate treats! 

hmm... is that it? well it's a start!

So what are you waiting for? 
Get out there and check out some local art while you can it's on until October 31st!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

to read list...

The Marriage Plot- Jeffrey Eugenides;  third novel about the complexity of love plots that have lost meaning.
The Darwin Economy- Robert Frank; just finished The Price of Altruism - premise sounds interesting ie. Darwin's theory of fitness in selection is more accurate representation of the principles of economics than the Smith's Wealth of Nations
The Drunkard's walk - Leonard Mlodinow;  historical look at probability

Modernist Cuisine - Nathan Myrhvold; very geeky look at physics of cooking (there's a TED talk where he explains some of the techniques used in capturing the great images)

Perhaps now with a bit more travel time I read more books than last year (only 3- yikes!) Still, it's not that I've stopped reading, rather there are on average 500 posts on my reader per day to sift through, not to mention the journal articles which keep piling up... this week- I'll attempt to catch up, only to realise that the amount of reading to be done will continue to expand exponentially.

Could really do with an app that filters/curates the information I need to know. Lucky scientific papers have abstracts...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Energy and matter spin to reveal the latest in hot universe models.. Workit!!!

I'm excited by the Bolshoi universe simulation which was created by astrophysicists at California High-Performance Astrocomputing Center and New Mexico State University using some impressive brain squishing calculations to capture and render the most accurate snapshots of the evolution of the universe millions of years apart, to date.

While it's aim is to help expand our understanding of cosmic mysteries such as dark matter and black holes, I imagine it will also be employed as a very hip, digital discoball where hot Russian models will expend their energy and matter...

For more check out more videos and visuals at the HIPACC site.