Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hypothetical to do list for 2011

Technical skills
Actually learn some other research techniques (molecular, histology, etc)
Perform proper analysis of observations
Become well versed in areas of current research (for starters read those 6 papers)
Work through sketch software & tutorials for designs 

Novel territories
Travel to Germany, Greece, Japan, USA, Brazil, NZ?
Learn new language skills: Chinese, German, Korean or Japanese
Invest in an electric bike or conversion kit
See a new town every week (either local or interstate)
Change in career direction (don't actually have a direction)
Return to study part-time (but what could help me become more employable?)

Strengthen relationship with love, family, friends and work folk
Get back into swimming
Publish that damned paper
Find work that is challenging and interests me - don't let another year pass without testing self
Develop and draw something every day... doesn't matter what? 
Think, analyse and evaluate effectively

Don't expect much. Try anyway. Aim for more

As suggestions go these seem vague yes, but it's a start and some more specific goals need to incubate before being voiced.

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